We have a flat fee of $500.00 for a complete 10 page website or $250. for a basic 5 Pages website. (Shopping card not included in the 5 pages design)  We can incorporate music, Flash animation, scripts, forms, photo galleries etc. Shopping cart (Up to 20 products are included) $20 for each button after that. We have a one cost policy, “no more charges.” We create the website you want for one fee.

We build quality Mobile  Responsive Sites at an affordable cost #top

Get Your Listing Next To The Google Ads

A YouTube Video Helps you to

get listed on the first page

Re-designing an existing website is the same process. We can usually use many of the files on your current site and continue with the same theme if you prefer. However, with our low rate it is most of the time more economical to start fresh and let us create a new site from scratch rather than trying to work with unsatisfactory codes and files from the old website.

We build an affordable websites We customize our sites in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
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